Simm Games:


We host a few different Minecraft servers. They all come in different size and variety.
Each server has a unique uptime so check it's webpage to see if it's supposed to be online.
You can find them here or in the navigation bar.

We also have a modpack or two if you're interested.
You can find more information here or in the navigation bar.


⚫🔴 SimmCraft

Version Vanilla v1.16.2

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⚫🔴 Hiddoncraft X

Version Vanilla v1.14.4

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🟢⚫ GT New Horizons 0/4

GT New Horizons: SimmGames v2.0.9.0

Version GT New Horizons v2.0.9.0

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World Horizons

The info here is yet to be filled in. You can get the details here.